With Love, Lin

...and the greatest of these is love.

It's been too long
It's been months since I've posted.  I've often thought about it, but there's so much to say to get caught up that I keep putting it off. So, I've decided I'm going to touch on the important things and go from there.

We had a great summer! It was way to short, as fun times usually are.

Blaine is in his second year of preschool and doing great. He is a great "peer model". Such a big boy, with a very "logical mind" as his Grandma Dede would say.  I can't believe he will be five in March and going to kindergarten in the Fall!
Marlie turned 2 in October. She's such a delight. She loves to sing and dance and has a wonderful vocabulary! She's very into princesses and babies. She loves to get her hair cut and primped. Every time Blaine or I get our hair cut, we take her to get some kind of "do". Our great hairstylist, Tara, is very good to her. Marlie is average in height and weight. She is still wearing cloth diapers, but has gone potty a few times in the toilet. She sleeps in her toddler bed, but will soon move to the bunk bed in her & Blaine's room.
We are very excited for Christmas coming soon. Blaine and Marlie saw Santa this weekend, so now he has their list of wants and wishes. Marlie loves to touch/play with the ornaments on the Christmas tree. We drove around this weekend with Grandma Dede and Papa Lewie and looked at Christmas lights. The kids enjoyed the first 45mins and then Blaine was ready to go home and Marlie was half asleep. :P Making Memories!

Summer sun

this little girl loves her pockets!
anytime she wears an outfit with pockets,
she puts her hands in them,
 and says, "Mom, pockets!"

she's so funny.

our summer has been filled with sprinklers, popsicles and movie watching and walks to the park.
I've also been taking advantage of the sun.
not for my skin but for marlie's diapers.

The sun is great for bleaching out stains and killing bacteria!

Yay for summer!

See ya in the Fall!

Today was Blaine's last day of preschool for this school year.

He has had a great year at a great school.

He went on many "learning journeys" throughout the year,

to the zoo, and every park in town.

Also the fire department:

And to a farm:

                                                                                           He loved the fluffy haired chicken.

They did a ton of fun and creative stuff around the school as well.

Preschool Olympics

Santa came at Christmas time.

Messy activities and dress up for Halloween.

Family fun night

And so much more!

I'm not only thankful for all the fun activities they did with the children but also for the life experiences Blaine learned this year. Being in an inclusive classroom means Blaine got to play and learn right along side children with special needs. He learned as much from his friends as they did from him. Thank you Helping Hands Preschool!

See ya in the Fall!

*pictures courtesy Miss Angela 

On the Green

She loves to be outside.
She loves to play golf with Blaine's toy golf clubs.


Maybe Dad will have a golf partner someday.

Just a swingin'
We took the kids to the park the other day.
It was a nice evening so we walked.
When we got there the kids ran for the climber, slides and monkey bars.
After a while, Blaine and I went to the other side of the playground where the big swing set is.
I haven't swung in years.
It felt so good.
Swinging through the breeze, looking up at the bright blue sky.

Not the actual sky I saw, but close!

It was wonderful.
I felt like I could let go of the swing and fly off into the clouds.
I felt like a bird or an angel.
I felt like a 6 year old girl.
I could have swung forever.

After a while, I got off the swing and joined Scott and the kids.
He said I looked silly swinging like I did.
Who cares? It was fun.
I'm going to do it every time we go to the park.

How long has it been since you swung on a swing? Too long, I bet!

Even still

Marlie is almost 19 months old. I can't believe it.
I still call her the baby sometimes, then I think she's not really a baby anymore. :(

But she's my nursing baby.
Yes, that's right, I still breastfeed my 19 month old baby.
I'm fairly proud of it.
Sometimes I get a little annoyed. Mama doesn't want you stuck to my boob right now!
Other times I'm glad for the security it gives her and the closeness it brings.

She won't be little for long.
I'm going to cherish it no matter what.

*Picture courtesy Beth Rein
*This is one of the pictures for my website coming soon!   


Not enough
Dear Jesus,

There are no words to say for what you have done for me, my family, and all mankind. You are the epitome of selfless, honorable and faithful.  If only I could be a tiny fraction of what you are. I could do so much more, more for my children, my husband, my parents, my friends.

You gave your life for people that beat you to a pulp, and nailed you to a cross, all while laughing in your face. You asked our Father to forgive them, they know not what they do. We still know not what we do. We sin against you every day, multiple times a day. Help us. Forgive us.

Your mercy is incredible, your love divine. Thank you is not enough, but THANK YOU LORD.

Your daughter, and servant,

time to get the ball rollin...
I've been thinking about these things for a while now. I've been putting them off...don't know why. Well, maybe I do.

Anyway, it's time to go for it!

I'm joining La Leche League. I want to be (what they call) a leader. I want to inform and help nursing mothers and babies. I want to make a difference for them.

I'm going to be more active in my Church. Helping with Sunday worship, where ever I am needed.

I'm starting my online business!!!! I've contacted a great website design company and they will start construction on my site very soon.

Wish me luck!!!

He's 4 and I can't believe it.

Blaine chose to have his birthday party at the bowling alley.

So, to fit the theme,

I made cookie bowling pins and

cupcake bowling balls.
I know, they don't look that much like bowling balls.
The whoppers are supposed to be the finger wholes.
Oh well..

We bowled and had a great time!

Happy Birthday sweet boy!

Whoa Buddy!
The other day I was on Facebook...surprised?

A lot of my friends had done this facedouble thing where the system compares your face to the faces of other Facebook users and finds your "twin".

Well, I tried to download the application to do this very thing, and instead downloaded the Flirt app.  (It was very confusing. The Flirt app was flashing to the side and beside it said "download this app". I thought it was talking about the facedouble.)

ANYWAY, once I realized what was happening I deleted the Flirt thing-a-ma-jig. (or so I thought).

So today I go to my email and there were about 7 emails from guys on this Flirt thingy. I was flabbergasted! WHAT?

I felt frantic...as if I was cheating on Scott, or something!

I quickly deleted all the messages, like looking at them would burn my retinas.

Then went back to FB to try and completely delete this application. I took about 10 mins but I finally got rid of it.

How ridiculous. I downloaded half the application and now had a profile made up for hungry men all over the world to prey upon!

Moral of this story...You never know what your getting yourself into!


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